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Naturelle Dental Clinic — a new generation medical center.

While operating in Ukraine at the level of top-ranked European clinics, we offer a whole cycle of all essential dental services. Through the use of them, You are able to brighten the world with your smile and be confident in your own health.

We are trusted by those, who are used to choosing the best. This is due to the fact that Naturelle Dental Clinic clinic fully complies with all international standards of modern dentistry.


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Our services


An integral part of consultation, preparation of the treatment plan, its cost and stages of implementation.

CT scan

Method of layer-by-layer diagnostics of the body, and the maxillo-facial area, in particular, based on X-radiation.


Our own territory of high technology for diagnosis, preparation and production of all restorations for teeth and implants.


Professional care, recommendations and selection of products for tooth and gum health support.


Prevention and treatment of tissues, surrounding a tooth, aimed at preservation of the latter.


Treatment of caries and other tooth defects through cleaning of the surface and restoration of the required volume with artificial materials.


Treatment of tooth nerve inflammation using a surgical microscope and root canal filling.


Prevention, correction and adjustment of abnormal bite in children and adults.


Replacement and rebuilding of the missing tooth using implantation of an artificial root made of biocompatible materials.


Last-resort and radical method to eliminate the cause of patient’s tooth and gum disease.


Complete functional and aesthetic repair of a tooth or implant with ceramic restorations.

Teeth whitening

Change of the tooth color using chemical agents and special equipment.

Our team

Maksym Lesnukhin

Head of the clinic, professional in the field of diagnosis, planning and oral rehabilitation of patients of any complexity. An international expert in the field of aesthetic teeth and implant restoration. Author and co-author of great number of research articles and publications. Lector and participant of international congresses and symposia.

Maksym Lesnukhin

Dentist-orthopedist, Surgeon

Volodymyr Lesnukhin

Maxillo-facial surgeon, candidate of medical science. Work experience is more than 20 years. Talented professional, truly dedicated to the business and patients. Currently is working in the department of maxillo-facial surgery of Goteborg (Sweden), where he is doing clinical residency. Principal direction is orthognatic surgery, traumatology of maxillo-facial area and implantology.

Volodymyr Lesnukhin

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Roman Neizhko

Chief physician of the clinic, professional in the field of aesthetic restoration, complex diagnosis and planning. Carries out rehabilitation of patients of any complexity on teeth and implants. Professionalism, accuracy, punctuality are his distinctive features. Takes part in international congresses and symposia, which are an integral part of professional’s work.

Roman Neizhko

Dentist-orthopedist, Surgeon

Olena Kharko

Professional in the field of direct tooth restoration with composite materials. Perfectly knows modern methods of work with photopolymer materials, be means of which it is possible to restore the lost or damaged hard tooth tissues to their primary volumes keeping a tooth from further dental decay and consequently from more complicated stages of treatment.

Olena Kharko

Dental Therapist

Khrystyna Sydorak

Specializes in treatment of the system of teeth root canals under surgery microscope. Is fond of solving complicated clinical cases showing exceptional persistence and thoroughness. Constantly improves knowledge and skills in international symposia and master classes of modern dentistry.

Khrystyna Sydorak

Dental Endodontist

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